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Champix Treatment

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Medication features

  • Champix will help you quit smoking by blocking the nicotine receptor sites
  • Eliminate nicotine withdrawal symptoms when you take Champix
  • No more cravings 
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Why Quit Smoking?

Smoking has a harmful effect on your health. However, quitting can prove to be extremely difficult with most people changing their mind after being affected by nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking can cause serious lung and heart diseases as well as increase the risk of developing a stroke. Most smokers who decide to quit will encounter nicotine withdrawal symptoms which include irritability, anger, anxiety, depression, increased appetite, decreased heart rate, weight gain and trouble sleeping.

How Can Champix Help?

Champix contains the active ingredient Varenicline, an effective treatment to help you stop smoking.

Varenicline gives nicotine-like action on the brain, relieving the craving for nicotine and decreasing withdrawal effects. It also prevents nicotine from attaching to receptors, which means that smoking a cigarette won’t give you an enjoyable effect anymore.

How To Take Champix?

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Directions for Champix use

First of all, you have to choose the date at which you will stop smoking.

  • Start taking Champix 1-2 weeks before that date
  • Take one Champix tablet (0.5 mg varenicline) once daily for the first three days
  • Then, take one Champix tablets twice daily for the rest of the treatment course
  • For the first two weeks take Champix 0.5 mg dose
  • For the remaining of the course, take Champix 1 mg dose
  • Take the Champix tablet with a full glass of water.
  • You can take it with or without food; however, it’s preferable to take it at the same time every day.
  • The treatment course is 12 weeks, if you complete it till the end, your chance to relapse will be very low.
  • Tell your prescriber if you have kidney disease, the dose may be reduced.


  • How to take Champix?

    Champix is a 12 week course, taken as tablets after meals with a glass of water. There are two forms of Champix; 0.5 mg form and 1 mg form which include the first Starting Month Box and the remaining 2 Continuing Month Boxes. You will take these forms as following;

    The first three days: take one white pill (0.5 mg) once daily.

    Days 4 to 7: take two white pills (0.5 mg) twice daily; one in the morning and one in the evening.

    Day 8 to the end of treatment: take two blue pills (1 mg) twice daily; one in the morning and one in the evening.

  • The efficacy of Champix / Is Champix Effective?

    In 2006, the first trials of varenicline (the active ingredient in Champix) were conducted, which proved its effectiveness as a smoking cessation method.

    Varenicline became the first choice drug for smokers to stop smoking as it can prevent both short and long term relapse.

  • Is Champix better than batches? Is Champix more effective than NRT?

    Varenicline is considered superior to bupropion and has an equal impact as nicotine replacement therapy and has a lower risk of withdrawal syndrome compared to other drugs.

    Compared to NRT, Champix has an equal effect, but less side effects since it contains no nicotine.

  • Who should NOT take Champix?

    Do not take Champix if you have allergy to varenicline or any of its ingredients.

    Do not take Champix if you are using one of the nicotine replacement therapy as gum, patches or the nicotine inhaler. Due to combination of Champix and nicotine replacement therapy can produce more side effects than in case of Champix alone, while not increasing your chances of stopping smoking.

Side Effects

Side effects of Champix

Common side effects of Champix include dry mouth, increased appetite, weight gain, nausea, headache, difficulty in sleeping, stomach discomfort, joint pain, constipation, diarrhoea and dizziness.
Avoid driving or operating machines if you suffer from dizziness or sleeping abnormalities after taking Champix.
Ask for medical advice immediately if you experience any of the following after taking Champix:

  • Suicidal thinking
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Champix may alter your taste sensation.

Seek medical advice if you notice any other side effects after taking Champix.

Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th JanuaryOrder it within:


Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th JanuaryOrder it within:

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