Regaine Foam Treatment for Women's Hair Loss
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Regaine Foam Treatment

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Medication features

  • Treats female pattern hair loss for women aged 18 - 65
  • Works by increasing the blood flow to the hair growing cells
  • Promotes hair regrowth and prevent further hair loss.

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What is Regaine Foam for Women?

Regaine foam is the only clinically proven foam treatment used to treat female pattern hair loss for women aged 18 to 65. Regaine is an effective treatment by reactivating inactive hair follicles and stimulating hair regrowth from the roots.

Increased hair loss can occur during the first 2 weeks of the treatment, however, this is the sign of a new growth cycle and should subside as the treatment continues. This treatment has proven to regrow hair in 80% of women taking it.



  • Is hair loss reversible? Alternatively, is hair loss permanent?

    Hair loss is "controllable". This means you can use treatments like Propecia
    (Finasteride) to stop further hair loss and restore hair regrowth.
    However, if hair loss is caused by other factors that lead to scarring (e.g. exposure to heat
    trauma), then hair loss will be permanent, and hair transplantation will be the way to go.

  • Does hair gel or spray cause hair loss?

    As long as you buy them from trusted shops and use them as instructed, you are all good.
    However, excessive application of hair gel or spray, or using unknown products can
    sometimes cause hair loss.

  • Do hats cause baldness?

    Whatever you wear on you head has nothing to do with you experiencing hair loss.

  • Is there a cure for baldness?

    There is no 'cure' for diabetes, but diabetes is a very 'treatable' health condition.
    In the same way, there is no 'cure' for baldness, but hair loss can be 'treated' and slowed
    down using medications like Propecia

  • Is it true that if I pluck one grey hair and two grow back?

    In one word, "NO!" You can pluck all grey hairs there, and no more than 1/1 will grow

  • Hair loss is my mother's genes to blame, is this true?

    This is partly correct and partly wrong. Although the main baldness gene is inherited from
    your mother's side, baldness occurs due to a combination of several genes inherited from
    both sides and is not attributed to just one gene.

  • Is it true that if I use Propecia my hair will become 'addicted' to it?

    Propecia takes around 3-6 months to give results, and results will be visible for up to 5

    However, since Propecia is a 'treatment' for hair loss and not a 'cure' as discussed before,
    if you stop using it, conversion of Testosterone to DHT will resume, which means hair loss
    will occur again within 6-12 months.


Specific "balding genes" control hair loss/hair thinning in both men and women. However, the
way this gene function is different in men from women.

For delivery on Saturday, July 20th order within the next

From £15.00

For delivery on Saturday, July 20th order within the next

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