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Zineryt Treatment

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Medication features

  • Contains antibiotic Erythromycin
  • Supplied pre-mixed with a 7-week expiry
  • Contains ZINC which aids skin the process of skin healing
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What is Zineryt?

Zineryt is available in lotion form to treat all types of acne. It contains a combination of 2 active ingredients, Erythromycin and Zinc Acetate.

Acne presents itself as blackheads and whiteheads. Bacteria sits on the skin and feeds on the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. This leads to an aggravation of the sebaceous glands, causing reddening, inflammation and in most cases infection.

The antibiotic Erythromycin kills the bacteria that causes acne and stops the infection from spreading. This reduces the inflammation of the sebaceous glands and allowing the skin to heal naturally. Any persistent bacteria are destroyed by the immune system or eventually die.



  • Apply all over the affected skin areas twice a day (Morning and evening)
  • It can be reduced to once daily if you experience side effects
  • The treatment with Zineryt is around 10 - 12 weeks.
  • You should avoid getting Zineryt lotion in your eyes, nose or mouth, but if you do, wash the area quickly and thoroughly with lukewarm water. If the eyes continue to become irritated, consult your doctor. 
  • When applying make-up when using Zineryt, ensure the application has dried before you apply any cosmetics. Keep in mind, makeup can contribute to clogged pores and therefore help to trigger your ACNE, so avoid if you can.

Zineryt instructions 

  • Zineryt solution is for external use only
  • Treatment of mild to moderate acne. 
  • Apply the solution over a period of 10-12 to achieve the best results
  • Zineryt lotion is a good option for those who want to treat their acne using antibiotics that do not want to take oral tablets to avoid interactions with their current medicines or side effects. Using Zineryt, you can get all the benefits of antibiotic treatment without any of the negatives linked with oral antibiotics. 

How to prepare Zineryt

Please note our pharmacy will do this for you at the pharmacy unless you ask us not to.

  1. Zineryt needs to be mixed prior to use. The contents of the packet will include a white crystalline powder and a clear colourless liquid for a cutaneous solution. It will also include a dabbing applicator cap that will need to be fitted after the solution is mixed. To prepare:
  2. Remove the caps from both the powder and the solution bottles, retaining the cap of the larger powder bottle.
  3. Pour the contents of the solution bottle into the powder bottle. 
  4. Recap the bottle using the retained powder bottle cap.
  5. Immediately shake the mixture vigorously for one minute.
  6. Remove and retain the cap from the thoroughly mixed solution.
  7. Open the plastic holder containing the dabbing applicator cap assembly. Use the plastic holder to position the applicator cap over the neck of the freshly mixed bottle. Firmly push the applicator assembly into the neck of the bottle, ensuring the dabbing applicator fits firmly into the neck of the bottle.
  8. Replace the retained powder cap over the dabbing applicator on the now constituted solution.
  9. Add the “Use Before” date to the bottle label; this date will be 8 weeks from the date of preparation.
  10. Ensure you read the patient information leaflet prior to use.
    If you forget to use Zineryt you should use it as soon as you remember as a missed application can slow down your skin’s recovery. If your next application is due soon, leave at least 3 hours before you re-apply it.


  • Is acne a contagious condition?

    No, you can touch or hug a person with acne without any fear to catch acne.

  • Does repeated washing of my face make acne go away faster?

    No, you shouldn’t wash your face several time a day, because it removes all skin oil resulting in
    stimulation of sebaceous glands to produce excess oil (aka, worsened acne).

  • Can stress cause acne?

    Yes, stress may be one of the leading causes of acne,and it is also considered one of acne triggers.

  • What is the best treatment for acne?

    Acne should be treated individuallyas severity of cases differ from person to another.

  • Can certain types of food cause acne?

    No, acne is not caused by food.

  • I started acnetreatment three weeks ago and I see no improvement. Do I need to try another medication?

    You have to be more patientas most of acne treatments needs two to three months to work


Causes of ACNE

There is a strong relation between ACNE formation and hormonal changes that occur at puberty. These hormones have two roles in acne. On one hand, they activate specific glands located adjacent to hair follicles under the skin, and this activation causes the glands to produce more an oily material known as “abnormal sebum”. The abnormal serum, in turn, activates certain bacteria that causes inflammation and pus formation.

On the other hand, the hormones thicken the inner lining of the hair follicles causing pores blockade (blockade of the opening of the hair follicles).

ACNE formation factors 

Four factors are involved in acne formation:

  1. The activity of certain hormones at puberty (androgens).
  2. Excess oil production by the glands under the skin (sebaceous glands).
  3. Bacteria (a specific type called P. Acnes).
  4. Blockade of hair follicles by oil and dead skin.

 Face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders are the most common areas to have acne due to the presence of more sebaceous (oil-producing) glands that are connected to the hair follicles.

 Triggers that cause ACNE flare-ups:

  • Many women have acne during the first pregnancy trimester.
  • Adult women may have acne at certain times due to hormonal changes, they may have flares of acne just before the period.
  • Women with polycystic ovary syndrome suffer usually from acne and weight gain.
  • Stress
  • Spicy food, chocolate, skim milk and high-carbohydrates food.
  • Some cosmetic products of low quality.

Medications that cause ACNE flare-ups:

Many medications aggravate acne, including:

  • Antiepileptics (Phenytoin, Carbamazepine and Phenobarbital).
  • Cyclosporine.
  • Oral corticosteroids.
  • Testosterone.
  • Anabolic steroids.
  • Antidepressants (Lithium)
  • Antituberculous drugs (Isoniazid and Rifampicin).

Side Effects

Side effects

Zineryt may cause mild side effects as is it a medicine. The effects only occur in a small number of people and will usually occur at the beginning of the treatment cycle. Once the skin adapts to the antibiotics, the effects will lessen.

The most common side effects are

  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • Dry skin – It would be a good idea to keep light, oil-free moisturiser around if you are currently using Zineryt lotion to relieve some of the dryness.

Very rare cases

Allergic reactions in very rare cases. If an allergic reaction occurs, you will experience symptoms including rash, itching, swelling of the face, mouth, tongue or lips, and difficulty breathing. In the case of any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor or seek medical attention immediately.


IngredientsClindamycin / Benzoyl PeroxideAdapaleneLymecycline
ActionDual action on bacteria; antibiotic and skin sheddingHelps unblock pores and reduce inflammationAntibiotic kills bacteria
Oral or Topical?TopicalTopicalOral
DirectionsApply thin layer at night after washing.Apply thin layer at night after washing.Take ONE capsules DAILY (preferably in the morning)


Don't use Zineryt if:

  • Allergic to macrolide antibiotics

Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th JanuaryOrder it within:


Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th JanuaryOrder it within:

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