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Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th January

Please note, we are not aimed at treating first time Acid reflux, this service is for patients who have previously been diagnosed by their GP and want to purchase treatment using our online pharmacy


What is Lansoprazole?

Lansoprazole is a prescription medication that is commonly used to treat symptoms of acid reflux and ulcers.

What is a brand or generic?

The branded version of the medication called Zoton, made by Pfizer and the generic version is called Lansoprazole. Both contain the same active ingredient and work identically.

You can fill out our assessment and order your Lansoprazole from our UK registered pharmacy today, once our prescriber checks it is safe for you to take.

Which strength do I need?

Lansoprazole can be purchased from Prime pharmacy in 2 strengths; which is dependant upon the severity and classification of your symptoms. Our clinical prescriber will decide this with the help of your assessment answers.

Why do I keep getting heartburn?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, Heartburn is the most common condition seen in most doctors and pharmacies. Heartburn occurs in otherwise healthy individuals as a result of the acid produced by the body, leaking through the stomach making its way up the oesophagus. Doctor’s call it Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, Good for short and Acid reflux if you want to go shorter!

Heartburn is more common in patients that are overweight, have a diet filled with unsaturated fats, and can also occur in pregnancy.

What does heartburn feel like?

Burning sensation in the upper chest or throat
Strange taste in the mouth
Pain when swallowing
Difficulty swallowing

What is the mechanism behind Heartburn in the body?

The stomach is built with valve feature, called the oesophageal sphincter. This sphincter acts as a barrier between the food pipe and the stomach. The barrier opens to let food into the stomach and closes again so food cannot travel back out of the stomach (we aren’t cows). However, when the sphincter muscle is weakened or under pressure it opens for longer and digestive acids are able to leak out. When these acids travel up the oesophagus this is what causes the feeling of burning type pain.

This sphincter can come under pressure from the abdomen and its muscles become weak, causes of this include; obesity, pregnancy, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, foods such as coffee, chocolate, fatty foods, citrus juice and tomato containing products.

How does Lansoprazole work?

Lansoprazole comes from a class of drugs known as the proton pump inhibitors. These drugs slow down the mechanism by which your cells in the stomach produce digestive acids. This results in less acid produced and therefore less acid can leak from the stomach. This will relieve your burning pain and other symptoms that are related to GORD.

With our easy to fill assessment, you can purchase your treatment for heartburn from our UK registered pharmacy. Your assessment will be checked by a clinical NHS prescriber and if the medicine is safe for you to take, a free private prescription is sent to our UK based pharmacy, where it is dispatched within 24 hours of your order.

What changes can I make to help reduce heartburn?

Symptoms of heartburn come in bouts and do not last a significant amount of time. However when they affect your daily lives and are becoming persistent then it would be advisable to seek treatment. Doctor’s and pharmacists recommend cutting down coffee, alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods and practising portion control. If symptoms still persist after this, then please seek treatment. 

Is this burning pain serious?

Burning, sharp pain in the chest or left arm can sometimes be related to a serious health condition such as heart disease. If the pain is your first time, and you have never experienced acid reflux before, or the pain is more severe than it usually is, you should seek immediate medical attention.

When should I see my doctor?

  • If you experiencing unexplained weight loss, difficulty swallowing, or constipation along with the heartburn.
  • If you have made lifestyle changes to prevent heartburn, but symptoms persist, please book an appointment with your GP. It’s always best to get checked out, to alleviate anything serious, and the best course of treatment can be actioned.

Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th JanuaryOrder it within:


Expected delivery: Wednesday 20th JanuaryOrder it within:

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  • Trusted UK Pharmacy
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