Why choose Prime Pharmacy

All in one, Consultation, Prescription and Delivery service


Why Prime pharmacy?

For long enough patients have gone into the pharmacy and walked back out 20 minutes later, angrier than they first went in. Being a pharmacist myself, I see the daily struggle of patients coming into the pharmacy, waiting in the queue for a long time, just them being told they will have to come back later for a multitude of reasons. Welcome to the word of Amazon standard service, for healthcare.

What will we treat?

We are starting small with 10 common embarrassing and travel-related health conditions we are treating. Our aim is to scale our model into the largest private prescription provider in the UK. We have teamed up with leading healthcare prescribers to safely consult our patients and enable them to take charge of their own healthcare.

Technology is here to help people access healthcare on a wider scale, as it can overcome a lot of the traditional barriers such as leaving the house, skipping work for an appointment, missing your children's football games, the list goes on. We are using some of the latest, custom and most scalable technologies in order to achieve our aim.

Our goals

Our main goals are to create an easy to use website that looks and feels good. Our UX and UI team have been busy at work to give patients the best experience they have had yet in ordering their prescriptions.

We have also designed a framework for Healthcare prescribers to remotely log in securely and asses the patients and send any prescriptions electronically to our in house pharmacy.


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