How To Buy Medicine Online Safely

Buying Medicine Online Safely

The new way for people to shop is online, from Amazon to Zara, we enjoy the flexibility to shop from our mobile devices and laptops.

Innovation is key and it is through this process we will be able to further technology and change our lives for the better. However, with medications, you should carry out a few extra checks before trusting the online pharmacy and making your purchase.

Benefits of online consultations 

  • Skip the queue at the doctor's surgery
  • Not having to leave the house house period
  • Avoid  traffic
  • Parking struggles

 This being said, there are many pharmacies online trading which are not regulated, the problem with this (besides the fact that it is illegal) is that you will most likely receive counterfeit medication, from people who are not registered professionals whose sole intention to take your money.

In some cases, the medication may be genuine, however, the seller may not be legitimate to prescribe these medications, this poses a serious risk to your health, as the required safety checks have not been carried out to the professional standards. Your personal health information may not be safe either in this case, as you are giving your details to an unregulated person online.

Before you purchase any medicine online, it is necessary for you to check the pharmacy website you are browsing is registered legally by the UK regulators.

Below, we have made it easy for you to understand what you need to look for in order to perform your own safety checks before buying medicine online.

Registered UK pharmacy 

In the UK for a pharmacy to legally operate, it must be registered with the general pharmaceutical council. Before purchasing, please ensure the online pharmacy is registered with the general pharmaceutical council’s website as a registered pharmacy.

MHRA EU common logo

The EU common logo - It is now law in the UK, for an online pharmacy to be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulator Agency | MHRA. And the EU common logo must be displayed on every single page on the website where medicines are available for purchase. The logo is exactly like the one below:

Clicking on the logo will take you to the official MHRA register where you can view the live status regarding whether or not the website you are on is claiming to be officially registered.

This EU common logo is a legal requirement for online pharmacies that sell medicine in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If a website you visit does not have this logo, you should not purchase medicine due to the safety of your health and the risk of your personal information ending up in the wrong hands. 

Policies to be aware of before using an online pharmacy

Please note, you are answering important person, questions about your health online, so please be aware of the companies;

Privacy policy - This is the policy that details how the online pharmacy will handle your data. Ensure they are keeping your data safe and secure and handling in line with the Data protection act

Payments does not handle or store any credit card information. Payments are processed through a HTTPS secure mastercard and visa approved payment platform. The platform we use as has Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant servers.


Once you have created a login for you will be able to access our secure private messaging centre. This is where you will have unlimited personal discussions with the clinical prescriber who is dealing with your consultation. 

Patient verification

We do not supply any medication unless you pass our online ID verification check once your details have been submitted.  If your ID check fails we will not process your payment and we will ask you for further ID verification such as your driving license or passport.  This process is carried out through our partners at Experian.

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